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Let's talk energy!!!


Energetic vibration is measured in Mhz (megahertz); the same as the measurement of electromagnetic waves; think anything to do with wifi...


Everything has an energetic vibration; rocks, animals, people, furniture, everything! Energetic vibration or energetic frequency doesn't automatically mean there is 'life force', and the energetic vibration can be changed or altered due to changes in the environment.


Think about people... when you feel like shit, your energetic frequency would be low... that can be because you suffer with depression or anxiety, or you're in a bad mood because of x,y,z.. or because you have surrounded yourself with negative people that have lowered your vibration. It can also be because you've been in a large group of people, or a crowded public place; and someones negative energy has flung off them and landed on you...


The opposite is also true; if you're surrounded by a group of happy, positive people, you will naturally leave there with a higher vibration. Other methods of raising your energetic vibration are using tools with a high vibration; such as essential oils, different sounds or music; such as singing bowls, tuning forks or binaural beats.

Don't be disheartened, because your vibration can change! It's not something you're stuck with forever, if you're feeling shit you can use various tools to raise your vibration; dowsing is one of those tools.


Dowsing can also be used as a way to clear any negative energy from your home, and bring in higher vibrational, positive energy.... like a different version of saging/smudging.


I use dowsing as a tool to help me access my intuition/higher power. ✨


The ways I use it are mostly to identify what types of negative or non-beneficial energy is affecting a person/place/object, and then taking the appropriate steps to clear that energy or raise the vibration of it so that it's no longer affecting the person/place/object in a negative way...


I also use it to help protect myself and my family from negative or non-beneficial energy. You can't always avoid toxic people or places so I ask for protection against their negative energy, and afterwards check if there's anything that needs clearing.


Dowsing sometimes comes up in a kinesiology balance as a tool I made need to activate a chakra, remove negative energy or infuse positive energy into an area of the body/chakra.


Before I learned kinesiology, Dowsing was how I determined which essential oil/oils would be most beneficial to a person in regards to their issue... I hated the thought of giving people an oil that wouldn't help them, and I found dowsing a very accurate tool for this. Dowsing is also an alternative for muscle testing so there is alot you can do with it in terms of identifying and correcting imbalances in your body.


I also offer energy clearings on homes or workspaces and regularly check in on the energy of my home and work room to make sure the energy is positive and beneficial.


Introduction to Dowsing

You might be wondering what Dowsing has to do with Kids...

Dowsing is probably the tool I use most on my kids and my family... I don't do Kinesiology on them nearly enough, because it's hard to pin them down at a time that's convenient, so it's mainly school holidays that they get a a balance...

BUT! Dowsing I can do on them anytime, anywhere... they don't need to know I'm doing it (most of the time they don't know, although my daughter has picked up on me using a fingerlock technique when I haven't got my pendulum, and will ask me what I'm doing).

I am so in tune to them all now, that I usually recognise when they need a clearing. There will be a noticeable change in attitude or behaviour, a massive tantrum or meltdown that's out of character, or there'll be a real arsehole comment from my husband that leaves me blindsided for a second or two... almost like they're posessed!! 😂 And I recognise the same about myself because one of those things I mentioned will come from me 🫣

I do a clearing on them and before you know it they're back to their normal selves again 😍

Another time I use dowsing heavily is when one of us (or one of the animals) is sick, I don't use dowsing to diagnose or treat medical conditions, but I DO use it to determine what will best support their body's healing. It might be essential oils, vitamins/supplements, bentonite clay in the bath, homeopathics, or a combination of these. Then I can dowse on how much (frequency), how long for (duration), and if it's supps or homeopathics I'll also determine dosage and ask if there's any contraindications or reasons not to take etc...

I'll also use dowsing to determine (for any kind of condition or ailment) who is the best practitioner to suit their needs. Do they need to see a naturopath? Chinese medicine practitioner? GP? Massage therapist or osteopath?? And we start there in terms of other treatment.


I love the fact that by using dowsing it gives me that little bit of feedback from my 'gut instinct' so I can feel confident to go with it, and I can feel empowered to help my sick child instead of going to the GP, being told there's nothing they can do for it, and getting sent home.

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Introduction to dowsing...


I have been dowsing for over 10 years, and I love to share what I know, so that you may support your family better.


My previous posts have highlighted some of the ways I use dowsing, and some of the benefits it has...


Come and join me for a morning out (bring a girlfriend and go out for lunch afterwards 😉) and we will explore the ancient art of dowsing, it's history and uses so that you can go away and practice what you've learnt. Dowse on your sick house plant; the pantry/food items affecting your vitality, the supplements you need/don't need, and how to measure and raise your own energetic vibration!


Once you have mastered the use of your pendulum, then the options are endless!!

There will be an opportunity to further your skill set and learn how to perform a full energy clearing; but the introduction to dowsing course is a pre-requisite for that.


There are no upcoming dates for the next workshop.

Please click the link below to enquire or register your interest.

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