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Mum Hack your way to a Resilient,
Self Confident Teen! 


Are you ready to have a happier, more confident teen who isn't shutting you out all the time??


Of course you are!! You're absolutely ready to ditch the struggle of trying to communicate with your teen.


Moving forward with the knowledge of how best to support their rollercoaster of hormones and emotions will give you so much confidence as a mum, that you won't be hanging around outside their bedroom door wondering if you should knock? If you should give them space? or if they are even in there!! 😂


When we have a newborn, there are mother's groups, support groups and health nurses to help us navigate this new territory. But as teen mums, there's no support group, and we are expected to know what the hell we are doing!! Truth is, for some of use we have never parented a teen before! It's a case of 'new level, new devil' 😉


I'm here to support you along the wild journey that is raising an adolescent.


Let's discuss what challenges you're experiencing as a teen mum, and I'll share some key factors that are important for raising resilient teens; and give you the tools to support them through this massive developmental leap whilst also keeping your sanity intact!!

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Welcome to my free and paid resources. Please see below and get in touch if you have any questions.

Helping Children Process their Emotions

Learn how to hold space for your child when they have big emotions, as well as simple tools to process and release them so they can go back to being their beautiful, vibrant selves!

Hey Beautiful!! 

If you're here then I can only assume you've got a child or teen who is struggling with their emotions, or are in need of some extra support right now. You've come to the right place. 

Enter your details below and get instant access to the replay delivered to your inbox.

Let's work together to go deeper on your child's emotions, creating balance and alingment for them, and harmony in your family.


Check your inbox for the replay!

Identifying Stress & Anxiety in Kids

Identify when your child's behaviour is related to stress or anxiety and adopt simple techniques to support them through that.

When our children misbehave, or have tantrums or outbursts, or can't sleep; quite often their nervous system is trying to tell them, and us, that something isn't right.


Understanding that a little better, and being armed with tools to help them regulate their nervous system can be highly beneficial for keeping the whole family in alignment.


Let me share my knowledge with you in order to help you keep yours and your child’s nervous systems regulated.

Click the link below to purchase the workshop replay and get instant access.

Move to Learn

Are you a teacher, parent, coach, tutor, caregiver, early childhood educator, or someone who works specifically with children??

I can help you with the more challenged children, the ones who are struggling, the ones who just can't seem to 'get it'...


By incorporating some basic 'brain exercises' into their daily routine, we can make a huge difference to how our children approach learning.

Our whole brain needs to be activated for optimal learning, integration, concentration, coordination,

memory, focus and the ability to develop gross and fine motor skills.


If our system is in a state of stress or overload then we are unable to learn or retain new information easily; everything becomes a struggle and the enjoyment and curiosity of learning is lost.


Through the regular practice of simple movements and exercises we can integrate and activate the left and right hemispheres of the brain so that they can work harmoniously together.

For the sake of a few minutes a day, we can have a profound impact not only in the work that we do, but also to a child's life and their whole learning journey.

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