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Essential Oils for Children Masterclass Replay

Essential Oils for Children Masterclass Replay

I've been seeing lots of the same type of posts on social media too; lots of mamas feeling helpless, overwhelmed and exasperated because their little ones are really unwell and they feel there's nothing they can do. Or, they are repeatedly getting unwell and can't catch a break. Work commitments (and the economy) mean it's hard to just pull them out of daycare during these winter months where everything 'is going around'...


Or, their little ones are struggling with big emotions, big life changes, fears and anxiety that are popping up due to the demands of life, or they just don't feel themselves and there isn't really anything that can be done to support them. 


I am here to tell you it can be different. Essential oils can fill the gap; when our bodies and nervous systems need support and healing that western medicine simply cannot offer a solution (or we are searhing for a more natural, gentle approach)

I am also here to support you to learn a new way for your family, or if you're and old hand when it comes to essential oils, then I'm sure you'll learn something new, I always do when I'm at any kind of oily get together...

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