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The Essential Medicine Kit

My recent sickness has sparked me to write about essential oils, and how i use them in my medicine kit.

Our medicine cabinet consists of panodol (mainly the infant one), cough medicine (a natural one), band-aids, hydrolyte and essential oils.

This week I used the DoTerra touch kit ($250 wholesale), to help overcome a viral infection (I will admit, it turned out to be worse than that and I needed antibiotics - western medicine has it's place too), and a vomiting bug - lucky me!

All diluted in convenient roller bottles, the touch kit is safe for use on the whole family (even safe for use during pregnancy)... I used tea tree and lavender behind my ears, for that congestion earache, lavender on my temples for the coughing headache, easy air on my chest and feet to clear sinuses, on guard and oregano on my feet to fight the bug and support my immune system, and peppermint down the back of my neck for the fever. Then, to help with the vomiting bug I used Digestzen on my abdomen to ease stomach cramping and vomiting. I used the whole kit!!

Whilst I still needed antibiotics, I attribute my fast recovery to the use of essential oils, and the great thing is, there are no interactions with medication, so I can use a combination of the two.

Now that I’m feeling better, I’m using a mixture on the rest of the family to help stop them from catching it!!

If you're interested in learning more about essential oils, feel free to email me. If you'd like to enrol as a wellness advocate, click on the picture below.

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