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In a World where Beauty can be easily manufactured, how do we create Radiance??

We are living in a time where Injectables, AI, plastic surgery, cosmetic tattoos, laser etc are not only easily accessible, but so normalised that you're weird for NOT doing it.

This is not a hit piece either; I've found myself often questioning whether I go against my values and beliefs in order to keep up with the times and not 'look my age'... It is a very real temptation.

This makes me wonder though; is it a grand scale avoidance tactic that enables us to change the things we reject about ourselves, instead of addressing the reasons why we are rejecting parts of ourself in the first place?

Would it be an alternative (albeit probably the harder one) to learn to love and accept those parts of ourselves by doing the inner work? When beauty can be so easily manufactured, how do we create true radiance? How do we create that beautiful glow that you can only achieve from the inside out?

I'm not speaking to 'only' emotional/energetic healing here, whilst it is a major part, there's also things like; repairing, restoring, nourishing and healing our gut and our gut health on a nutritional level. Tackling the AGING process from within; in the form of collagen and broths and all of those delicious things we can supplement our body with. And of course, detoxifying our system; moving towards a more low tox lifestyle, trying to eat cleaner food, using detoxifying practices to help remove the build up of toxins in our system from day to day exposure. Reducing our exposure to EMF'S and other forms of radiation. Moving our body and sweating to help support our elimination pathways, building physical strength and resilience. We are multi faceted human beings, true, lasting transformation comes from healing the whole person; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Then of course, the icing on the cake is the (emotional/spiritual) healing work. Doing only the physical healing won't really have much of an impact, or will only have as surface level impact unless we dive in and open 'Pandora's Box'. With that, then true healing really begins because we are able to look at those parts of ourselves that we reject and start to heal them, understand them better and ultimately love them and no longer feel wronged because of them. That can be a beautiful relationship with ourselves, our inner child, our subconscious, our soul; all those parts of us that are hurting from past experiences and trauma and feeling 'less than'.

As we do all of that work, as it all unfolds and our relationship with ourselves deepens and becomes one of love, peace, forgiveness, acceptance; then, and ONLY THEN will we start to see and feel RADIANCE shining through. You will experience the world differently, you will gravitate towards different things, and different people. Just as other People will notice that radiance. They will want to be in your energy field, they will want to know your secret! They'll want to know what you've done that's made you walk a little lighter, stand a little taller, HOW you're glowing from the inside out, and it's not just 'manufactured' beauty, it's a whole vibration.

Photo courtesy of Caroline Veronez via Unsplash


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