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Maiden to Matrescence

Recently I conquered another fear and was a guest speaker on my first podcast!! It was a lot of fun!! We spoke about my journey into and through motherhood (so far), and my views on maiden to matrescence.

Matrescence is just as big a physical, mental, emotional and hormonal change as adolescence, yet it isn't spoken about. As Mother's we are just supposed to get on with it once the baby is born.

Participating in a container with Amy Taylor Kabbaz helped me honour this period of my life and really integrate all that had happened within me. There is no right or wrong time to honour your matrescence, my second child was almost two when I did it...

If you'd like to have a listen check it out here;

Keep an eye out for my next podcast interviews!! I'm lowkey famous now! HAHA and I'm loving the topics I'm being asked to speak on.


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