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EARTHING - A Free Healing Technique

Our bodies use electricity.

Many functions, such as muscle contraction, transmission of nerve signals and hormone release require the exchange of electrically charged ions. A buildup of charged or static electricity can become “free radicals”, which cause oxidative stress, or aging. We are constantly exposed to electric energy in our environment. Cell phones, blue tooth headsets, computers, smart devices, wifi, as well as radio waves, microwaves and electromagnetic waves. All this interaction with positively charged energy causes a build up in our system, which is why sometimes you may touch a metal object, or even another person and get a “shock” as the positive energy is discharged.

This build up of positive energy, and even free radicals, can contribute to inflammation, decreased immune function, insomnia, exhaustion, hormone imbalances/dysfunction, anxiety, premature aging, and the list goes on...

Our ancestors walked barefoot on the earth, and were not exposed to as much environmental electricity/energy as we are today.

These days we wear shoes made from synthetic materials such as rubber - which is a natural insulator, stopping us from having direct contact with the earth.

If you holiday at the beach, you'll notice that walking barefoot on the sand gives you a feeling of calmness; your muscles relax and tension in the body decreases. you may even notice that you sleep better. This is because you are "grounding" or "earthing" by spending time barefoot on the earth.

Regular earthing may have benefits such as;

- reduced inflammation

- reduced chronic pain

- increased energy

- decreased stress levels and muscle tension

- improved biological rhythms - including the circadian rhythm, responsible for sleep patterns

- more regulated hormone function

- increased body healing

- calm, relaxed mind

So kick off your shoes and go for a walk outside!! Find a beach, a park or just hang out in your backyard, Earthing will have benefits for the whole family,


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